The SL Little Smoker is a modified Thistle class hull that will built by Russ Karns in 1993. Everything was built by him either from scratch or modified/re-purposed.

Top cruising speed is roughly 6 knots, however normal cruising speed is 5.5 knots at about 400 RPM. The boiler burns wood, has a steel super heater that generates steam over 425 deg f at the engine!

In 2014 Russ Karns gave the boat to me, his grandson as I love taking the boat out on the lake and putting around. Now with a family and a full time job my cruse time is limited however we are still enjoying it as much as we can!

Among my many hobbies is electronics and amateur radio. I am currently in the process of creating a data logger that can be used in steam boats with very little if any modification to the engine and piping. Measurements will include pressure, steam temperature, engine speed, and boat speed. All of this information will be recorded and some of it transmitted using APRS. Recorded information will be analyzed and checked against other runs to check performance modifications, or to determine maintenance schedules. The final product will be made open source and kits will eventually be available.

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